Given the rapid escalation in the response to the coronavirus over the past 48 hours, we are suspending all 1776 United FC activities. This includes practices, meetings, gatherings and games. This decision has been made following the lead of US Youth Soccer, Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer and also the response of leagues and tournaments. In addition, our local partners whose facilities are critical to our program, have closed their fields to us for the immediate future.

This suspension will be in place until further review at the end of the month, where we will again, listen to the professionals and authorities about what we can and can not do, without exposing our children and families to

unnecessary risks.

At the moment the Nether Spring Invitational tournament on 4/11 is still on, but we are also looking at that very closely. Registration still remains open for this event.


For everyone’s sake, lets hope this whole episode passes very quickly and everyone remains healthy until that time.

Thank you for your understanding.