Club Statement Leah Murtha

Dear 1776 United Families,

This is one of the hardest emails I have ever had to write and hopefully something I will never have to do again.

It is my painful duty to inform you of the passing of one of our players earlier this week. Leah Murtha was one of the superstars on the 1776 United 2005 Girls team and was tragically and suddenly taken at what should have been a start of summer celebration. As a parent myself, it is almost unfathomable to have to face such a loss.

Leah was a very popular member of the team and this news has understandably hit her team mates very hard. Coming to terms with this and trying to get an understanding on why this would happen to someone with such an amazing future ahead of them is a task I don’t think any adults could fully undertake. For her friends and team mates, who themselves are at such a challenging age, to be faced with this is beyond words.

There are no words or actions that could possibly ease the pain Leah’s family and friends are going through. However, it is important for them to know that Leah was part of a wider, soccer family and as a community we stand behind them, ready to offer whatever support we can.

In the future we will talk about a suitable way to honor the impact Leah’s life made on our organization, her coaches and her team mates. In the immediate, please respect the family's need for privacy and make sure you give your children an extra big hug knowing how precious life is.


Sam Griggs

President, 1776 United